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We provide you the best game-experience with our home made custom minigames and great builds. Join us to experience the feeling and have countless hours of fun!

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SFF has a friendly community with both new and experienced players. The community will help you out if you’re having troubles and the staff is always ready to help you out as well!

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Our server is running on a powerful machine, to give you a smooth gameplay without lag and downtime.

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Vote for mcplayer.us and get one coin for every vote. You can buy awesome stuff with the coins, so be sure to vote on all the links below. The monthly top voter also gets a 100 MCMMO points to redeem on our server!


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Owner: I pay for the hosting and maintain plugins for the main server. Overall i'm very easy to get along with so long as you not trying to harm other players by using exploits and hacks. Be fair with me i'm fair with you in return.

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- You claim land as your own and build your base. Factions is a self serve anti griefing system. Leaders control who can and can't edit their faction land. - Factions is also about diplomacy and war. You declare wars and forge alliances. You fight over land and manage your monetary expenses.



Starting off in a prison server you are a low ranking prisoner. In order to rank your way out of prison you need to buy your way to the next level of prisoner this is typically done by mining and selling mined items to the prison shop. As you progress up the ranks in the prison you unlock warps that grant you access to higher level mines that yield more and more minerals. Eventually you can rank your way out of prison and as a free player you get access to the world which is literally the factions plugin. Prison itself usually has two sets of rules. Server rules which you cant break and result in a ban and prison rules which you can break but if you get caught by a guard you risk death or being jailed. (an example of a prison rule would be having axes or strength pots be a contraband item. You can have it but if you get caught with it you're screwed) There are usually safe areas and pvp areas inside prison and ideally prison guards roam looking for trouble (Guards have completely OP armor and weapons because they need to be feared but should be hand chosen by staff)



Creative mode is one of the main game modes in Minecraft. Creative mode strips away the survival aspects of Minecraft and allows you to easily create and destroy structures and mechanisms.Creative mode allows you to destroy all blocks instantly (including normally-indestructible blocks such as bedrock) and the ability to fly. The only possible ways to die without the use of external tools are to use the /kill command, or to fall into the Void. Players are given an infinite number of blocks to build with and no health or hunger bar thus rendering the player immune to all damage. Taking advantage of this, players can create large constructions more easily.

Ip: mcplayer.us running spigot 1.10.2 mcplayer.us - minecraft 1.10.2